Parking at Alicante Airport

The new car park is right opposite Alicante Airport, with one main entrance with a second further down at the far end where you drop off your hire car.

The main rent car agencies can be found in this area but the smaller local can sometimes be accessed from the main entrance in parking level 4. So make sure you check the return details with the firm you hire your car from.

There is no special area for bikes or motorcycles and they should be left in one of the normal parking bays.

The maximum vehicle height for parking in the main garage is 2.10M, so if you have a vehicle which is taller than this you need to park it in the older open air car park (P3) opposite the old terminal building.

The car park has five storeys (5 being the roof) and is connected from level 4 to the first floor of the terminal building by two short covered walkways. To get to departures from here you go up one floor with arrivals one floor down via lifts or escalators.

Parking Information

The parking rates provided by Aena are almost impossible to decipher as they are advertised giving a decimal fraction charge for each minute. To simplify things in the general car park P1 it costs about €1,00 per 30 minutes: €2,00 per hour: maximum daily rate up to 4 days is €20,00 and from 5 days onwards €15,00 per day.

There are several types of parking here: the largest is the general P1 spread over 5 floors. There is a first class car park on the top floor here with access straight into departures and P5 long-stay car park.



By Linda Craik Google+