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This site will help you to be informed about all kinds of information about airport services and tourist information you need to know about the Airport of Alicante. Alicante Airport (airport code ALC) is currently the sixth largest airport in Spain, and is the gateway to the Costa Blanca resort region.

In the recent years, the Alicante airport has grow in size and in March 2011 Alicante airport has a brand new terminal building, to replace the old two terminals.

The national destinations are very popular, such as Madrid, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca. Alicante Airport ranks sixth in the Spanish airport network due to wealthy passengers, behind Madrid, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Malaga and Gran Canaria, the ranking of the 50 busiest airports in Europe!

The new Terminal

The new terminal (referred as Terminal N) was officially opened on March 23, 2011. All flight operations at the airport were moved to the terminal on the next day.

The first flight to the terminal was used a Ryanair flight to Memmingen. The terminal has an area of 333,500 m2, which is more than six times the size of the terminals 1 and 2 together.
It includes 96 check-in desks, 40 gates, including 15 with 16 air bridges and baggage claim carousels. The terminal is divided into two regions, wherein the processor C into the gates, and the dock where the majority of B Gates are.

To use both areas of the terminal, while flights to non-Schengen destinations only use the dock. Flights within the Schengen area This terminal was built on the east side of Terminal 1.


Terminal 1

Terminal 1 ( T1) has 38 check-in desks numbered 1-38, along with a special baggage counter number 39. It included 11 ports of which five boarding bridges, which the odd-numbered ports, and nine baggage claim carousels. It was closed on March 24, 2011 after the opening of the new terminal. There are plans to Terminal 1 reopen following the construction of a connecting corridor with the new terminal.

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 (T2 ) has 14 check numbered 51-64, 6 ports (none with boarding bridges), and two baggage claim carousels. This terminal is adjacent to Terminal 1. The terminal was opened in January 2007, and it was closed on March 24, 2011 along with Terminal 1 after the opening of the new terminal. Terminal 2 is due to reopen, but only private flights, air ambulances and small charter planes.

Car Rental

Although you have a large number of car rental companies that will come to the airport of Alicante,only eleven have actually a branch in the airport terminals. These are obviously the easiest and most convenient to handle, so you can collect your luggage at the counter and pick up a car directly outside the arrivals area of ​​both terminals.

If you make a reservation with one of the car rental agencies outsider you have to take a bus to your car and another bus to return to the terminal to go home to pick up when you bring your car back.
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